Steve Jobs holding iPad
Maybe to make tablets great again, they have to become invisible
Tablets these days are designed to be just like smartphones, but bigger. Maybe they need to be different. Maybe- they need to become invisible tablets.
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A BlackBerry with stock Android on it just wouldn’t FEEL like a BlackBerry. So, here’s how an Android UX should look like on a BlackBerry. Agree?
Designer Tie-In devices are terrible- but they could be so much better
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When I got my current daily driver, the Xperia Z3 Compact –…
What’s your preferred battery life solution? (Poll)
What do you use to keep all your devices’ batteries topped up and running? Let us know of your preferred battery life solution in the poll and comments
A Nexus 3D? Color me curious!
A look at what Google could have in mind for a 3D camera on a Nexus phone.
Get ready for a smartphone SoC slug-fest
With the Snapdragon 810 debacle, Qualcomm’s dominance in the mobile processor space is being called into question- and new contenders for the king of Smartphone SOCs are springing up. Who will be the new king?
Confessions of a former “flash-aholic”
I was once an Android ROM “flash-aholic”, and I’m not anymore. Read this to find out why, and drop us a comment with your experience.
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With Android M official, we are taking a look at what Google has changed over Lollipop in terms of usability. Read the details to find out more!
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Android Lollipop is well begun, but clearly half done. Check out and see why we think Google needs to improve with its latest operating system.
Mid-range smartphones – end of the road?
With decidedly flagship level devices being launched for highly competitive prices, do “mid-range smartphones” still have any wind left in thier sails?