Weibo: Galaxy S8 will cost more to make, but maintain its price
By one count, the regular Galaxy S8 will cost $325 to manufacture, $70 more than the S7. But if what we’re hearing is true, why not raise prices?
Samsung responds to recent Galaxy S7 explosions
Several reports of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge exploding do not come at a good time for Samsung as it continues to shake off the Note 7 recall.
Nexus 6P charge state bug frustrates many
The issue also affects some Nexus 5X owners. Both devices are facing the problem post-Android Nougat and even after the 7.1.1 update.
The Pixel camera’s “Halo” effect will get fixed
Arcs of gray light have been popping up on many images taken by the Google Pixel. What are Pixel owners to do? Google has them covered.
LG V20 nearly ready at Verizon, B&H, Newegg with perks, pricing
Thursday’s the pre-order date for Verizon while B&H Photo and Newegg are prepared for unlocked unit pre-orders this week, going through November.
Two iPhone 6 Plus explosions in one week, Apple responds to at least one
Apple has not commented on either issue. The two-year-old phone gets into the mix of a two-month-old Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s saga of explosions.