Minuum’s Will Walmsley on creating the keyboard of the future

  It often seems there’s a direct correlation between the widespread use…

Art on an iPhone: the unbelievable mobile photography of Sarah Jarrett

Looking through Sarah Jarrett’s gallery, it’s hard to believe her main medium is an iPhone. In this interview, Sarah shares her mobile photography secrets.
Image credit, left to right: John Gamble; Clay Butch Benskin; Helen Breznik

Mobile photography as art: an interview with the MPA’s Daniel Berman

Daniel Berman, creator of the Mobile Photography Awards, lives in a world where smartphone photos sit alongside Warhols and Lichtensteins.

Carl Pei on the OnePlus One: we could not have done any better for this first device

We discuss the “Flagship killer” OnePlus One, its creation and the vision behind it with Carl Pei, the company’s director.

“We know we have made a difference”: Phonebloks on the future of the modular smartphone (Interview)

We sat down with Phonebloks to learn about the challenges involved in creating a modular smartphone and the company’s vision for the future.

The Waze of public transportation? Interview with Moovit’s Product VP

We sat down with Yovav Meydad to learn about the ups and downs of building Moovit, an app that aims to crowdsource your morning commute.