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Have mobile floating windows worn off?
Mobile floating windows are making something of a comeback. Android O is bringing picture in picture to the forefront once more. But is that for the best?
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VerveOnes ME Review: Steps forward, steps back
The VerveOnes ME Review: VerveLife is taking some big steps forward and small steps back compared to its previous-generation Verve Ones+.
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Did Samsung make a mistake with its Infinity Display?
Samsung made both flagships with the Infinity Display. Was it a mistake to not offer a flat sided option? Or was Samsung right to go all in on the design?
Samsung DEX
Can Samsung DeX succeed where Microsoft failed? Should it?
Samsung DeX is Samsung’s version of Continuum. A noble sentiment, but is it a solution looking for a problem? We suspect it might be.
Bixby is counting on the one thing you can’t count on – developers to buy in
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Samsung Galaxy S8 camera
Can a fingerprint sensor ruin a perfectly good phone?
Samsung’s placement of the fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S8 is…questionable. Could it ruin the entire phone experience, or will we learn to love it?
Let’s settle this – fingerprint sensor on the back, or on the front?
The fingerprint sensor is mainstream now, but they have a location problem. We’re here to hash it out and find the best place – the back or the front?
SureCall EZ 4G review: Say no to dead zones!
The SureCall EZ 4G is a potential solution to a frustrating problem. It takes some effort, but dead zones can be a thing of the past with this device.
Is it time to close the door on SMS messaging?
SMS messaging is a trusty standby for messaging capability, but is it too antiquated to keep up and running? Or do we need its reliability?
The LG G6 changed my mind about bezels
LG G6 bezels, or lack thereof, have convinced me that bezels need to go. Once I argued for them, but LG’s latest flagship has made me a believer!
Can we please stop drooling over the Nokia 3310?
We lost sight of smartphones for a while there in the glow of the Nokia 3310. But what’s the big deal? It’s a feature phone, people. Can we move on please?
The OverDryve 7 Review: It’s the thought that counts
In our OverDryve 7 review, we look at a navigation system built by one of the big names in mapping. Can Rand McNally successfully adapt to a changing world?
Smartphone addiction part 1: Methods to reduce electronic addiction
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Why are smartwatch flat tires still a thing?
Smartwatch flat tires should be a thing of the past. Yet devices still have them in 2017. Motorola started the trend, but it’s time to end it for good.
Are high resolution screens worth it?
Our screens keep getting bigger and high resolution screens are more common. But some might argue that 1080p is good enough. Are you one of those someones?
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