Deal: Design your 1st VR game — 90% off

Do you want to create a Virtual Reality video game, but have no idea where to begin? The Complete VR Development Bundle is a great place to start. At a price of only $34, this bundle includes five courses to teach you the essentials of VR game design.

Every phone should have a second screen on the back

If your phone had a second screen on the back, what form would you like it to take? Small, but useful, unique, or full sized awesome?

Does releasing the refurbished Note 7 make sense any more?

Samsung is set to release the refurbished Note 7…some time. But has Samsung already missed its window for releasing this device?

The HTC U11 is a good start, but HTC still has a lot of work to do

HTC fell a long way over the past few years. Now it’s working it way back up the field and the HTC U11 is a good start.

The OnePlus 5 shows that OnePlus is growing up

The OnePlus 5 is a demonstration of how OnePlus is growing and maturing as a company, and it’s pretty exciting to see. What will the future hold?

Royole Moon Review: A movie theater in your bag

As a reviewer, there are certain items that you really look forward…

Should LG mess with the V30?

Last week, on the Pocketnow Weekly, we talked about the LG V30…
Samsung Bixby

Samsung, this Bixby delay is not OK

Samsung’s Bixby delay is a major setback to a company that is trying to break into a new and established space. It’s really unacceptable.

Unlike Apple Watch OS, Android Wear is trying too hard to be a watch

It’s funny when you think about it, but sometimes the stupidest thing…

Have mobile floating windows worn off?

Mobile floating windows are making something of a comeback. Android O is bringing picture in picture to the forefront once more. But is that for the best?

Despite some advances, Android Wear 2.0 is not progress

Android Wear has been out for a while now. I’m a bit…

Essential Phone: what do we really have here?

Wowee wow that Essential Phone, huh? Andy Rubin, the father of Android…

Does Samsung Note 8 need to have dual cameras?

Everyone is talking about Note 8 dual cameras, but would they be really necessary? There may be benefits to dual sensors, but Samsung is already king.

Is Android boring and if so, is that a good thing?

Is Android getting boring? If so, that’s only because it is such a mature operating system, it’s now time to focus on the nitty gritty details.

Should OEMs be worried about carrier-made phones?

Carrier-made phones are nothing new, but the upcoming REVVL series from T-Mobile looks to be taking on midrangers head-to-head. Something to worry about?

Google Home will soon be what it always should have been

Google Home voice calls, along with the bevy of other features introduced today will make Google Home the definitive Home assistant device.

HTC U11 Squeeze: feature or gimmick?

The HTC U11 squeeze feature allows you to quick launch apps, but is it outside-the-box thinking, or just a gimmick that will be ignored and forgotten?

Here is what the OnePlus 5 needs to be

The OnePlus 5 is coming and we decided to take a look at what the best approach might be. Should OnePlus stick to flagship killing, or become a flagship?

VerveOnes ME Review: Steps forward, steps back

The VerveOnes ME Review: VerveLife is taking some big steps forward and small steps back compared to its previous-generation Verve Ones+.

Is HTC doing it right this year with the HTC U, or making more mistakes?

The HTC U is coming after the LG G6 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 launches. Is that a winning strategy, or another mistake on HTC’s part?

Microsoft’s mixed message was confusing, but shows brilliant strategy

Microsoft put on an interesting show last week at its #MicrosoftEDU conference…

How do you lock your phone?

There are a number of ways you can lock your phone to protect it, so we wondered which one you use? Vote in the poll and sound off in the comments!

Where should the fingerprint sensor go on the next iPhone?

If Apple’s rumored side-to-side, top-to-bottom screen comes to fruition, where will Apple’s iconic Home button go? We debate the possibilities.

What does the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 need to be?

Our editors sound off on what Samsung should bring to the table with the Galaxy Note 8. Should it be rugged? Durable? Curved? Flat?

Don’t be afraid of always-listening devices

Always-listening devices can be intimidating, but only if Google/Amazon breaks the implied social contract. Even if they do, there are repercussions.