I wish Samsung knew that we have a 65-character limit for the title of any post we write so they could probably go for smaller names whenever they release their next big thing. The only reason why we forgive them for taking up half that character limit with AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD, is because the device is hot enough to deserve it. Being one of AT&T’s six new LTE capable smartphones, we couldn’t stop but wonder how soon we’d get it, and it seems that the date just got close.

The device just stopped by the FCC for a quick nod before reaching AT&T. I wish they were nice enough to provide some pictures of it, since it was no-where-to-be-found at CES for a quick hands-on, but diagrams will do for now.


An interesting note is that the device supports two battery covers, one for NFC and the other without it. We know how AT&T doesn’t play ball with NFC, so I wouldn’t add that feature into my list of reasons to get one yet, but it’s still nice to see that Samsung still felt like pushing it. As always, no dates available yet, but I’m on the list of people that want one, so I’ll personally keep you posted on it.

Via: Engadget

Source: FCC

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