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Attaching an electronic tracking device, like an AirTag or Apple Watch, to track someone could get you arrested, like this man from Tennessee

By Sanuj Bhatia March 29, 2022, 9:53 am
AirTag tracking using GPS Source: Unsplash

If you think you can use electronic tracking devices, such as Apple Watch or AirTag, for tracking someone without them knowing, think again. A man in Tennessee has been arrested for attaching an electronic tracking device to the car of his girlfriend and tracking her unknowingly.

The man arrested, named Welch, and his girlfriend used the Life360 app to keep a track of each other. His girlfriend had, however, deactivated the app before going to the Family Safety Center. But Welch had been demanding to know her whereabouts, as he couldn't track it himself as his girlfriend had deactivated the Life360 app.


Welch somehow managed to reach the Family Center and threatened to kill his girlfriend multiple times. Police eventually came to rescue the victim. While checking her car they found an Apple Watch tied to the tire spokes. Welch had been using this Apple Watch to keep a check on his girlfriend but she didn't know about it. The man has now been arrested for attaching an electronic tracking device to the car and tracking her unknowingly.

The case shows us that you can not get away with tracking someone unknowingly and you could end up getting arrested for it. Despite such repercussions, the cases of unwanted tracking continue to pop up. Companies, such as Apple, have been working to stop unwanted tracking. The company rolled out a few changes to how AirTag works a few weeks ago, but people still continue to use it for tracking someone else unknowingly.



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