AT&T will apparently not sell the HTC 10, while T-Mobile does another ‘epic’ unboxing

When the spanking new HTC 10 went up for pre-order yesterday in the US straight from the Taiwanese device manufacturer, we couldn’t help but notice only unlocked, AT&T and T-Mobile variants were listed.

Ironically, while that felt like a red flag for prospective buyers on Verizon or Sprint, it turns out AT&T is actually the carrier not on board with selling and subsidizing the “world class” camera phone. Ma Bell hasn’t exactly confirmed its lack of support, but HTC is “encouraging AT&T customers to purchase our unlocked model at” in response to people’s concerns.

So, yeah, technically, the HTC 10 can definitely be made to work on America’s second largest wireless network, though you’ll have to pay the full $700 ($600 with promo code) upfront for the “privilege.” Or go for HTC’s 12-month, 0 percent interest financing offer. That doesn’t really give you the same liberties and convenience as AT&T’s Next payment plans, now, does it?

Elsewhere, not only is T-Mobile ready to carry the HTC 10 as soon as possible, but Magenta seems to be making as big of a fuss around the 5.2-incher as it did when teasing and previewing the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Of course, this bad boy can’t handle the ultimate underwater unboxing experience, so T-Mo’s “resident device expert” instead takes it to the skies to offer you a first look at the chamfered edge-sporting handheld.

The focus is on photography-taking and video-recording capabilities, both at 10,000 feet in the air and on the ground, but what we find odd is the Uncarrier’s retail box doesn’t appear to contain those sizzling hot High-Res audio earphones. Oh, come on, you really expect people to pay extra for them?

Sources: PhoneArena, YouTube (T-Mobile)

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