LG introduced an opportunity for customers to double the length of the G6’s basic warranty from one year to two. It’s standard practice to keep that limited warranty to just one year, but apparently, the company is really gunning to support customers so that it can use it as a selling point.

Well, we expect the company to do it again. PhoneArena picked up on a video that AT&T released, but then pulled from public view on YouTube that introduces customers to the V30, an Android phone that has yet to receive pricing and pre-order opportunities in places other than South Korea.

The video shows that the “Second Year Promise” will also apply for the new phablet, pending buyer’s registration within 90 days of purchase, that will double the standard year-long warranty.

The site mentioned in the video, lgv30promise.com, currently redirects to LG’s main product page for the V30. But we’re pretty sure that links will start going to the right places once this phone finally goes on sale.

If you happen to be perusing this post after sales have started, click the source link to check up on that video.

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