With AT&T, you could only get an unlimited data plan through its Cricket prepaid branch or with a DIRECTV service bundle. Even then, it took quite a bit of cash to sustain that plan properly.

This week saw the upheaval of unlimited plans as they have existed because of the debut of the Verizon Unlimited plan. Sprint and T-Mobile are following off of the Checkmark’s lead with 10GB of LTE-grade hotspot and lighter throttling restrictions than before. And with plans set to be offered within mere hours, Ma Bell has decided that now is better than Friday.

We have very few details about the AT&T Unlimited Plan, other than it will be available to all postpaid customers. The only pricing detail we have is $180 a month for four lines, and that’s after a $40 per month credit for the last line.

We’re not clear on if there will be throttling to 720p on streaming video and other parameters on various media. We do know that everyone will be under the gun for slower speeds once usage has come above 22GB for the bill cycle. Calls from the US to Canada and Mexico are free as well as data roaming, but only if customers mind to add on the no-charge “Roam North America” package. Texting is also free to 120 countries.

Again, all this madness begins on Friday, so we expect to be hit with some surprise details for hotspot usage, too.

[alert variation=”alert-warning”]Update: The Verge is reporting that the first line will be $100 a month with subsequent lines at $40 each. HD video is available, but AT&T’s Stream Saver feature must be toggled off — customers will find it in the myAT&T app and on their account management pages online. There is no hotspot data offered, unlike its competitors.[/alert]
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