As time goes on, and technology improves, it only gets cheaper and cheaper to deliver reliable, high-speed internet access, right? We’ll wait a moment for you to stop laughing. Back in the day, wireless providers were keen to keen to lure in users with the promise of unlimited data at affordable rates, but in the years since we’ve seen many of those offers dry up. Nowadays, if you’re lucky enough to have one of those grandfathered old unlimited accounts, you’re going to be paying a hell of a lot for the same kind of access to data – and often with a whole lot of restrictions. AT&T may have ditched its old unlimited plan years ago, but today it’s finally making a comeback. And you guessed it: it’s really expensive, with a ton of restrictions and requirements.

celltowerFancy yourself a cord-cutter, dropping boring old cable TV service and signing up for the likes of Netflix instead? Then AT&T’s new unlimited wireless data plan isn’t for you, because it requires a paired DIRECTV or U-Verse TV subscription.

Even if you do qualify, going unlimited is still pretty expensive, with a $100 per month base price. The next two lines are a little more affordable, at $40 a pop, but between those and the TV service, you’re looking at spending a sizable portion of your month’s rent on connectivity.

Oh, and of course there’s still throttling, spitting in the face of that “unlimited” claim. Push past 22GB a month and AT&T will downgrade your speeds at its discretion. Right now that means that if you pass that 22GB monthly threshold, and you’re connecting at a time of heavy network use, you’ll see your speeds temporarily drop.

For comparison, grandfathered unlimited data users pay $30 for their data (rising to $35 next month). That’s on top of voice and text, but it’s still a hell of a deal in comparison.

When AT&T first got rid of unlimited data, we begged and pleaded for it to come back. If this is how we knew it would, would we have preferred it remained dead?

Source: AT&T

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