AT&T finally welcomes Unlimited Choice customers to the free HBO party

While Verizon and Sprint are yet to react to T-Mobile’s latest industry-shaking promotion, bundling a standard Netflix subscription with two or more lines of unlimited ONE service, AT&T has quickly hit back at the nation’s leading “Un-carrier.”

After throwing in unrestricted access to premium HBO entertainment for its generous Unlimited Plus customers at no additional cost almost six months ago, America’s second largest cellular company is now expanding the freebie to thrifty Unlimited Choice subscribers as well.

Starting Friday, September 15, new and old AT&T Unlimited Choice plans will get unlimited HBO content added to their list of benefits, previously including standard definition video streaming and a maximum of 3MBps data speed for “normal” browsing. Also, unlimited texts from the US to 120+ countries, unlimited talk/text to Mexico and Canada, as well as roaming in the two US-neighboring territories. Finally, a $25 monthly discount on DirecTV Now.

All that, plus complimentary Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies, Westworld, Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes and much more, only sets you back a grand total of $60 per month. Or $115 for two lines, or $135 for three, or $155 for four, and so on until hitting the 10-line ceiling.

Keep in mind that AT&T Unlimited Plus subscriptions start at $90, removing web surfing speed restrictions (up to 22GB consumption), jumping to HD content viewing and also covering 10 gigs of mobile hotspot data in addition to the free HBO pass.

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