Midway through October, AT&T announced plans to bring five new Android smartphones to its network. While we knew what models would be coming, and had access to hardware specs on the lot, we lacked a more complete picture of how AT&T planned to introduce them. The carrier has today turned to Twitter to update us all on the release schedule for three of those handsets, announcing availability beginning November 20.

So, what’s on the menu? The three handsets set to debut with AT&T on November 20 are the dual-screen Samsung Doubletime, the QWERTY slider Samsung Captivate Glide, and the squareish Pantech Pocket. While none of these are superphone models that are likely to attract a huge amount of attention, the Captivate Glide looks like a very capable dual-core handset, and the Doubletime and Pantech Pocket have unique designs that very well could help them stand out from the pack.

It seems like every dual-screened Android has to do things differently; instead of having two screens that combine to act as one like in the Kyocera Echo, or shrinking one screen down to fit mid-keyboard as on the LG DoublePlay, the Doubletime acts more like a single-screen Android. You’ll use the external screen most of the time, while the internal screen takes over when you flip the phone open to type out a message.

The Pantech Pocket, on the other hand, has a pretty standard layout, but is just an odd shape. Its four-inch screen has an 800 x 600 resolution, while we’re used to Androids this size featuring widescreen displays. As a result, the Pocket is a much broader-looking smartphone than we’re used to dealing with. Whether or not its for you will be a matter of personal preference.

AT&T has not yet revealed launch prices for the Pantech Pocket, Samsung Doubletime, and Captivate Glide; perhaps we’ll learn more in a few days, closer to November 20.

Source: AT&T (Twitter)

Via: Unwired View

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