Should you upgrade from the LG G4 to the spanking new, modular G5? How about from the nearly two year-old G3? Any self-respecting Android power user would yell out a resolute “hell, yeah” to at least the latter question, but the truth is you can probably hold on to the LG G3 a while longer without worrying of critical system lag and stuff like that.

It’s getting a little long in the tooth hardware-wise, we won’t deny that, but as far as software goes, it’s just as up-to-date as both the G4 and G5. Now on AT&T and T-Mobile in addition to Verizon and international unlocked models.

Sprint is yet to RSVP its invitation to the cool Marshmallow party, taking far too much time “optimizing” the new OS build for a phone fully capable of running the whole shebang of battery life enhancements, security add-ons, app permission revisions, and Now on Tap interactivity.

After all, we’re dealing with a powerful 5.5-incher here, boasting Snapdragon 801 muscle, 2GB RAM, Quad HD screen resolution, and 3,000 mAh juice.

Neither AT&T, nor T-Mobile sell the LG G3 anymore, but you can still find GSM unlocked configurations at third-party retailers like Amazon for roughly $200 (excellent prices, by the way), activate them on your carrier of choice, then pull out the Android 6.0 goodie pack OTA or via the Bridge PC Suite tool.

Keep in mind these rollouts often go down slowly and gradually, so depending on your luck, you may need to wait an extra few days or weeks to leave Lollipop behind.

Sources: Android Police, Android Central

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