Here’s a look at some of the applications that AT&T has added. These are not the bloated add-on applications you might have expected. They can actually be quite useful. If you want, you can easily tap and hold on the application icon in the programs listing and choose “Uninstall”. That will remove the application from the phone permanently… that is unless you do a Factory Reset, at which point the original AT&T applications will get reinstalled in the background during first boot.

I think this is a really great compromise. When you buy the AT&T phone, you get a handful of AT&T applications that may be useful to you, but it’s your phone now so if you want to delete them, you are perfectly welcome to, and it is very easy.

Here’s the AT&T Navigator, used for GPS Navigation. While this is great for voice-prompting GPS navigation, unfortunately it does not work while music is playing in the background. Another major problem is that if you have to do something else like answer a text message or a phone call, you have to press the back button in order to get back to Navigator… AND it has to recalculate the route from where ever you might have moved to by that time.

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