AT&T experiences severe outage, offers no explanation and only basic solutions

Perhaps overly focused on boosting Internet connection speeds, which remains the top problem of major US wireless service providers, the likes of T-Mobile and AT&T appear to occasionally ignore network reliability, generally deemed a strong suit in various independent studies.

Outages sometimes happen to the best of the world’s mobile carriers, but when they’re as widespread as AT&T’s latest blackout, customers tend to get more than a little mad. An avalanche of panicked complaints rolled down on Twitter and other social media platforms starting Wednesday evening, and the operator’s support channels tried (and failed) to calm the storm all night.

No reason, technical or of any other nature, was given for the seemingly nationwide plague that restricted AT&T subscribers from making or receiving voice calls. It’s unclear if the core issue has been fixed, although the number of grumbling reports certainly went down as, well, people on both the East and West Coast begrudgingly went to bed.

If you still can’t get a signal, initiate a call or surf the web without the help of Wi-Fi technology when waking up in the morning, try taking AT&T’s official advice and restart your phone “multiple times.”

Turning Airplane mode on and off could also do the trick, which is both pleasing and frustrating to hear. T-Mobile obviously couldn’t resist taking a dig at a rival embroiled in controversy, tweeting that AT&T’s rates “are unacceptable even if it was working, but that is a story for another day.” Oddly enough, T-Mo CEO and amateur insult comedian John Legere is yet to chime in.

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