Select group of AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 5 owners now treated to Marshmallow beta

Although Samsung technically started the general Android 6.0 rollout for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge a few days ago, even the company’s most hardcore fans must be feeling let down by the recent software update sluggishness.

For crying out loud, Marshmallow source code has been available for a good four months now, and the Galaxy Note 5’s UI makeover is yet to move out of beta in a single market around the world. Can you imagine how much longer US carriers might take to “optimize” all the battery life, security, and overall performance enhancements?

Well, this probably won’t mean a lot to a lot of people, but a lucky bunch of 200 AT&T Note 5 users have just reportedly received their experimental, pre-release M-flavored goodie packs. These apparently tip the scales at a whopping 1.3GB or so, and bring to the table all of Google’s fresh new security patches, including those dated February 1.

It goes without saying there’s no word on when will the upgrade get stabilized and fully polished, rolling out to the masses over-the-air. But tests take time, and as for other versions of the Galaxy Note 5 on other American networks, as well as the S6 Edge+, things look even bleaker.

Technically, beta program invitations have been sent a while back, but participants are still waiting for their tentative Android 6.0 Marshmallow builds. What a mess!

Source: Phone Probe
Via: SamMobile

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