When we first heard the rumor last week that AT&T would be hooking up its customers who buy new Nokia Lumia 920 handsets with a free wireless charging pad, it sounded like fantastic news. Indeed, when AT&T finally announced details yesterday concerning how the 920 would arrive, and confirmed not just the free charger, but a lower-than-expected $100 on-contract launch price, the news seemed better and better. Sure, AT&T revealed that supplies of the free charger would be limited, but we figured that was just to attract a big launch crowd; maybe if you waited until December to snag the phone you’d be out of luck, but early shoppers should be fine, right? Well, it’s looking like AT&T’s stock of free wireless chargers may have been even more limited than we realized, upon reports coming in that the carrier’s already run out.

Pre-orders for the 920 on AT&T kicked-off earlier today, and some of those who weren’t among the very first to get their orders in are reporting that AT&T doesn’t seem to have any of these free chargers left.

The situation is far from clear, and apparently customer service representatives have been giving different customers different stories. Some are telling shoppers that, even if they don’t see the charger listed with their orders, the pad will still be included when the phones actually ship. Other reps are under the impression that AT&T is out-of-stock on the free chargers, and that the boat has already sailed on the offer.

We’re really hoping that the former there is true, and with any luck AT&T could be speaking-up soon to straighten-out things.

Update: If all else fails, Nokia may still have your back, fulfilling requests for the free charger directly.

Source: ZDNet

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