AT&T Roadmap: Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, & More

Obviously the most anticipated addition to AT&T’s lineup this fall will be the next iPhone (iPhone-s plural?), but that doesn’t mean the carrier has forsaken other popular platforms. In fact, the company’s second-half lineup — or most of it, anyway — seems to hold something for everyone.

Not surprisingly, the next few months will see Android devices in heavy rotation, with Samsung bringing the Galaxy S II Attain (i777) and i927 QWERTY slider. Then there’s the Motorola MB865 “Fuath,” which has already been pictured as an Atrix-refesh-type device, along with a pair of Pantechs and a Huawei. Not on the map, but also expected, are devices like the HTC Holiday and Samsung i857 “Habrok” — along with the already-announced Xperia Play.

For Windows Phone fans, there will be at least one handset each from Samsung and HTC: the i937, which we’ve already seen on video, as well as the HTC Bunyip. It was not made clear which unreleased model Bunyip represents, although it was suspected to be either Omega or Eternity.

Finally, BlackBerry devotees can look forward to both a refreshed Curve as well as the full-touchscreen Torch 9860, meaning that AT&T will be offering at least two Torches, a Bold, and a Curve simultaneously.

Noticably absent here is LG, which brought the Optimus One to AT&T last among the major carriers, and has yet to deliver the highly-anticipated, 3D-capable Thrill 4G.

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