AT&T Prepping for Proprietary Linux Phone Launch

AT&T is prepping for a proprietary version of a Linux-phone launch in the Garmin-Asus Nuvifone partnership. The launch will probably be about two years after Garmin and Asus announced their partnership. The duo is hoping to launch the Linux-based Nuvifone G60 on AT&T soon, as a tip of the AT&T system reveals the G60 along with the Tilt2, the carrier’s version of the Touch Pro2, as coming soon.

The Nuvifone is a proprietary user interface and Garmin-Asus has made commitments to also building other versions of the G60 based on Windows Mobile. That variant, will probably debut first in Asia as the M20. The M20 will essentially serve as a personal navigation device foremost, and secondly as a smartphone; Nuvifones will be connected personal navigation devices with a strong focus on location-based services.

Garmin, one-half of the Nuvifone partnership, also makes navigation software for Windows Mobile and other smartphone platforms. The company made a statement some time ago to AppleInsider that it will not release an iPhone-compatible version of its Garmin Navigator software due to its interest in the Nuvifone platform. At this time, it’s unclear what Garmin’s intentions are for its navigation software for Windows Mobile and if the company will continue to make its Navigator available or force users to use the Nuvifone.

The interesting thing to note is that Garmin-Asus has convinced AT&T of launching yet another operating system on its network. AT&T currently already services Windows Mobile devices, Palm OS, BlackBerry, and iPhone, with intentions of bringing webOS and Android to its lineup in the near future.

(via: Engadget Mobile)

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