AT&T Prepaid officially takes GoPhone’s place, sign up now and get two months free

The US prepaid wireless industry is undergoing some very important changes designed to enhance the competitiveness of no-contract carriers like Virgin Mobile, Cricket, Boost and MetroPCS, not to mention Verizon or T-Mobile’s closely linked sub-brands.

Perhaps confusingly dubbed GoPhone, AT&T’s most flexible and convenient cell service is getting a new, clearer and simpler name today, as expected, in addition to its “best promotion to date.”

Any new AT&T Prepaid line is eligible for two free account credits, each covering a month of unlimited everything or unlimited talk and text with 6GB high-speed data access. All you need to do is keep your account active and pay your other fees without major delays.

How long do you have to stay on the $40 or $60 plans? At least two months to get the third one free, and 11 to wrap up your first year on the rebranded network with a sweet extra discount. No other strings attached, no annual contract, credit check or activation fees.

Just keep in mind the entry-level AT&T Prepaid option, setting you back $30 a month and including a humble 1 gig data allotment, doesn’t qualify for the two months free offer.

Also, the 6GB and unlimited plans are $40 and $60 after $5 Auto Pay savings, with the latter governed by the typical rules, restrictions and shenanigans. No tethering allowed, no HD video streaming at more than 1.5Mbps, and heavy throttling “possible” once you exceed a 22GB cap.

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