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AT&T is making a few small but important prepaid plan revisions

By Adrian Diaconescu April 20, 2018, 7:21 am

AT&T hasn’t made a lot of changes to its prepaid plans since rebranding that part of the carrier’s wireless service providing business, but in response to MetroPCS, US Cellular and Verizon’s recent discounts and promotions, a few small adjustments are coming into effect today.

First, and perhaps most importantly, there’s a new $50 AT&T Prepaid option, including a monthly high-speed data allowance of 8GB. If you go over that mark, you’re looking at sluggish 128Kbps web browsing, although you can obviously always upgrade to a $65 or $85 unlimited plan. The difference between those two is the latter guarantees 22 gigs of data consumption at high velocity, while “times of network congestion” can slow you down on the former at any given moment.

Also, the pricier “unlimited” service tier comes with mobile hotspot data as well. Specifically, a 10GB tethering bucket you can only use in the US, which is actually larger than the plan’s previous 6GB monthly portion of shared data. Finally, HD video streaming is restricted to the $85 option. If that feels a little rich for your blood, a $10 AutoPay markdown is available if you agree to automatically pay for your service with a credit, debit card, or echeck.

You can take $10 off your monthly bill with AutoPay enabled on $65 and $50 plans too, while the entry-level $35 tier, including a measly 1 gig of data, only gets a $5 discount. Heftier multi-line savings than before are also offered, no matter what plan you’re on, with second and third lines available at $10 off each, while a fourth and fifth family member can save $20. For instance, two “Unlimited Plus” lines set you back a total of $140 now, three will cost $205, four are $260, and five $315. All prices valid with AutoPay.

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