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AT&T Passport program offers 1GB of international data for $60

By Jules Wang December 12, 2017, 4:41 pm

Sprint offers basic international service for free with the option to upgrade the quality in 176 countries and territories. T-Mobile has the same with more than 140 destinations. Once we hit Verizon, though, it’s a one-time buy-in for a package of services — and while these are poorly equipped in comparison to the other two, the best plan, which can be used in more than 140 countries, costs $40 for a month of service.

AT&T is blowing that out of the water with its new Passport add-ons. The big improvement from all the rest of the carriers is that over 200 global locations and feature unlimited texting. The 35 cent-per-minute rate for calls isn’t that bad in the range of things.

But customers will have to pay $60 for 1GB of data. There are no speed guarantees. The only other option is a 3GB package for $120. Any overage will be charged in gigabyte blocks of a whopping $50 each. Some travelers may be lucky enough to go to a country where an AT&T partner provider will let them use their Wi-Fi hotspots for free. Both packages are good for use within 30 days.

The company also has an International Day Pass, which lets customers use their existing plan for $10 a day.

These are steep prices to pay for international data and whichever option making sense will depend heavily on how a user changes their communication habits abroad.

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