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AT&T joins new 10.5 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro availability party

By Adrian Diaconescu June 8, 2017, 12:00 pm

AT&T also wants a piece of the new iPad Pro action, and although it follows both T-Mobile and Verizon in announcing official availability for the two iOS giants, you should probably still give America’s second largest wireless service provider a shot.

Like everyone else, including Apple and Best Buy, Ma Bell promises actual delivery will begin next week. That’s when the “all-new 10.5-inch” and “a new 12.9-inch” iPad Pro are supposed to arrive in physical AT&T stores too, with no gift cards or other special offers to be had.

Just a straightforward pricing structure starting at $39 and $46.50 a month respectively. Namely, the smaller productivity-focused tablet with the slimmer bezels costs $780, $880 and $1,080 in 64, 256 and 512GB storage SKUs, which you can choose to divide into 20 monthly payments of $39, $44 and $54, no upfront fee whatsoever.

The marginally revised iPad Pro 12.9, meanwhile, fetches a grand total of $930, $1,030 and $1,230 with the same digital hoarding room configurations, which comes down to $46.50, $51.50 and $61.50 if you can’t or won’t pay the full amount outright.

Pre-orders are of course underway on AT&T’s official website, but some flavors, like the 512GB iPad Pro 10.5 and larger 64GB slate, seem to take a long time to ship. Up to four weeks, to be exact, suggesting strong demand and/or tight supply.

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