Mobile Share Advantage brings AT&T in-line with other carriers

Verizon made some changes to its plan pricing recently and added some features that T-Mobile and Sprint have had for a while. Starting August 21, it’s AT&T’s turn to shuffle around its Mobile Share Value plans.

The Death Star’s new Mobile Share Advantage plans will get rid of data overage fees and introduce overage throttling, stunting your connection speeds to 128kbps if you happen to hop over your limit for the month. The company points out that its Rollover Data feature is still here — letting you use your unused data for an extra billing cycle — and still free, unlike Verizon’s recently introduced Carryover Data — customers on a smaller data plan have to pay $5 per month for it.

The most important schisms come in the price and fees structure. One takeaway is that if you (and the people on your account) use more data, you’ll save a bit more migrating over to the Advantage plans.

Here are some of the tiers and costs, old and new, side by side:

Mobile Share Value (old) tier Monthly rate Mobile Share Advantage (new) tier Monthly rate
300MB $20 1GB $30
2GB $30 3GB $40
5GB $50 6GB $60
15GB $100 10GB $80
20GB $140 16GB $90
25GB $175 25GB $110
30GB $225 30GB $135
40GB $300
50GB $375

Mobile Share Advantage also has plans with 40GB, 50GB, 60GB, 80GB and 100GB of data — we’re inquiring about those tiers’ pricing. Customers on 15GB and above plans can also call and text to Mexico and Canada and use data in Mexico. Otherwise, it’s unlimited domestic talk and text, Rollover Data and texting to over 120 countries.

Don’t forget about the line access fees, too. They’re going up if you use more data and down if you use less.

On the current plan structure, if you’re on a 15GB or greater plan, the fee is $15 per phone per month. If you use 5GB or less, the fee jumps up to $25. With Mobile Share Advantage, it’s a flat $20 a month for every device. If you happen to still have a smartphone on a two-year contract with AT&T, the access fee is $40. Accounts can have up to ten lines.

A new set of Mobile Share Advantage for Business plans are also on the way with data tiers from 25GB to 200GB for up to 25 lines. The same $20 per month line access fee applies except for no-contract smartphones — that fee drops to $15 per month.

All these changes take place on August 21, just about a month shy of possible new iPhone sales. Yummy.

Source: AT&T

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