AT&T Mini-Roadmap: HTC, BlackBerry, Samsung, & More

These are a few handsets scheduled to hit AT&T in the next several months; nothing earth-shattering here (Holiday? Lead? Attain?), but still worth passing along.

From top-tier manufacturers we have the BlackBerry Uwan 9810 and the HTC Iele — better known as the Torch 2 and HTC ChaCha, respectively — along with the Samsung Habrok SGH-i857, which we’ve not seen before. Both Torch 2 and ChaCha were widely expected to hit AT&T, and with Q2 winding down, it looks like we can possibly expect these handsets in the next month. The Habrok (AT&T codename, as are the others), meanwhile, appears to be strictly an entry-level model, with low resolution, a basic three-megapixel camera, and a Froyo-build of Android that will probably seem outdated upon its anticipated Q3 release.

Also on the Android map are the Huawei Dola U8800 — aka the WVGA Ideos X5 with 800MHz Scorpion processor — as well as the Pantech Bannik P8000, which passed the FCC late last year, and the ZTE Alicanto Z990, another budget-sounding handset with just QVGA resolution. And the HTC Hydra A5253? That’s the HTC Paradise from long ago, and while we recently saw a leaked ROM for it, it’s so far beyond its scheduled release window that we’d be surprised to see it slide into AT&T’s lineup along with these other devices.

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