The Death Star can only make so much progress on one front, like with progressing to a 2G-less network or flaunting exclusive devices. But software updates for the phones on its network? Not really in its wheelhouse, as we found out with HTC today.

But take the Samsung Galaxy S6 as all of AT&T’s major competitors have already delivered Android Marshmallows OTAs to their users. Nope, not AT&T. At least, not up until now as Samsung is able to confirm that software version¬†G920AUCU3CPC2 will bring the OS up to 6.0.1.

Of course, this isn’t really a contest and people don’t really place much of a priority on software updates in general. But darn it if we don’t deserve them.

Update: Well, AT&T took a few weeks, but it’s rolling the update out.

Source: Samsung
Via: Phandroid

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