Microsoft may have started off the week with its big Windows Phone 8 event, but it left us still wanting for details on exactly when these first-wave WP8 phones would go up for sale. We had heard some rumors a week ago that AT&T might be introducing the Nokia Lumia 920 on November 11, a week from Sunday. Now some new rumors have emerged, slightly tweaking that launch date, as well as suggesting that customers buying the phone could be getting an extra treat.

AT&T certainly likes launching phones on Sundays, but one theory that’s getting a lot of attention suggests that it could break from protocol and start sales of the Lumia 920 on Friday, November 9.

What’s more interesting than just news of the launch date are claims that AT&T will be including the Nokia wireless charging pad with all 920 purchases. So far, we had the understanding that this would be an optional accessory, but AT&T may be planning to bundle it in hopes of making the handset even more attractive.

Supposedly, AT&T will sell the Lumia 920 for just about $150 on contract, with the Lumia 820 going for closer to $50.

Source: WPCentral

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