AT&T’s LG V35 ThinQ pre-orders start June 1 at a whopping $900

LG’s third, yes, third flagship smartphone of 2018 is out, and we’ve already managed to get our hands on a hot new V35 ThinQ unit that… looks a lot like the V30S ThinQ, as well as last year’s original V30, while sharing most of its key specs and features with the G7 ThinQ.

If you’re finding all that a little hard to follow, perhaps the simplest way to remember the LG V35 ThinQ is by its AT&T exclusivity. The nation’s second largest wireless service provider is ready to open pre-orders, both on and offline, this Friday, June 1, with in-store availability set for June 8.

Unsurprisingly, seeing as how this “all-new” handset packs two extra gigs of memory compared to the G7 ThinQ, also doing without that divisive notch, and swapping the LCD screen for a sharper OLED, the V35 ThinQ is significantly pricier. AT&T Next installment plans let you buy it for $0 upfront, as long as you don’t have a problem paying $30 a month for a whopping two and a half years.

That brings the total cost up to a cool $900, which is only $15 south of AT&T’s Galaxy S9+ list price. Not an easy sell, but then again, you probably can’t do better than these two when it comes to the cold, hard numbers and specs. Not in the US, that is.

The LG V35 ThinQ is also joining the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, S8, S8+ and Note 8, as well as Apple’s iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus, in the FirstNet-ready roster. FirstNet is AT&T’s network of devices approved for first responder use, which entails more than 3,500 specialized tests and built-in Band 14 access for extensive coverage and capacity in emergency situations.

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