Could we be looking at double-digit share for Android 6.0 in distribution numbers before long? You’d think it’s about time, with the first Marshmallow OTA packages available for Nexus devices as far back as October 2015, and build N inching closer and closer to its own release.

Unfortunately, last we heard from Google, there were still less than 5 percent of the world’s Androids on the newest OS flavor, so getting to 10 might actually take another few months. Then again, more and more immensely popular phones are updated to M, including on more and more major US carriers.

Today’s a big day for both AT&T and Sprint subscribers, the former group scoring Doze Mode battery life enhancements, granular app permissions, Google Now on Tap, security patches and so on and so forth for the LG V10. Meanwhile, the latter has Marshmallow goodies on the way over-the-air for two semi-recent Samsung flagships, the Galaxy S5 Sport and Note Edge.

Technically, the S5 Sport was supposed to leave Lollipop behind at the same time as its non-Sport sibling, back at the beginning of the month, but for reasons unknown, the rugged handheld was kept waiting a little while longer.

But all’s well that ends well, and to our knowledge, Sprint remains the only US network where the Galaxy S5 can currently run Android 6.0. As for AT&T, it’s actually the last of three LG V10 retail partners to bring the 5.7-incher’s software up to date, though at least the G4 got the makeover plenty early on Ma Bell.

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