AT&T’s LG K10 is the latest low-end Android phone to score a Nougat update

On their own, all those recent Nougat updates for various low-end Android devices are unlikely to make a great difference in platform distribution numbers. But for once, cash-strapped smartphone users feel respected and appreciated by Google, (some) third-party OEMs and carriers, and that could go a long way in guaranteeing the future popularity of non-flagships.

Their longevity too, since owners of the Moto G4 Play or Sony Xperia XA “internationally”, as well as folks rocking Verizon’s LG K8 V or AT&T’s LG K10, might be inclined to wait a little longer than usual for a hardware upgrade.

The latest major software update rolling out over-the-air to an entry-level, super-affordable Android phone stateside arrives on the nation’s second largest carrier. AT&T simply links to Google’s official 7.0 Nougat webpage for LG K10 (K425) changelog reference, also throwing April 1 security patches into the mix.

All in all, the goodie pack tips the scales at 1.22GB, which may prove challenging to download and install on a 16GB handheld. But don’t forget you can expand the internal storage with up to 32 gigs more for hoarding photos, videos and even some nonessential apps.

Still priced at $149.99 outright, the LG K10 should squeeze a little extra power out of a humble Snapdragon 210 processor and 1.5GB RAM on Android Nougat. That tiny-sounding 2,300 mAh battery may last a smidge longer too, while the 8 and 5MP cameras will… remain modest.

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