There’s no better news, than those that have to do with device launches. Those of you curious as to when AT&T will launch most of their fall line-up of smartphones, the wait is over. As of today you may hit AT&T stores for the HTC One X+, which is being sold for $199 after a two-year contract. That drops the price of the old HTC One X to just $99 after a contract if you’re still interested. In the case of the HTC One VX, which is more of HTC’s entry-level solution on the AT&T network, well that’ll cost you $49.99 after a two-year contract as well. The One VX listing is still not live, but it shouldn’t take long for the link to be live. Which should you pick? Well even though we’ve proven that the performance differences between the old One X and the new One X+ are relatively minor, your option to go from 16GB all the way to 64GB of storage is definitely appreciated in a device where you can’t add additional storage.

Another device being launched today, and which we doubt will make much of a sales dent in any market, is the Samsung Galaxy Camera. The reason why is because it retails at an insane $499, or $399 after a two-year contract. We still can’t imagine who would pay twice as much for a camera that’s no better than a point-and-shoot, and also not a smartphone either. Add to that the fact that you’ll have to pay a monthly plan just to be able to actually take advantage of the camera’s wireless features, and it just makes the whole prospect unattractive. That said, I’m sure there will be one or two of you who will find this deal compelling, so make sure you let us know what you think about this Galaxy Camera in the comments. Will you get one?

Via: Android Police

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