You’re not really meant to use your cellphone plan around the world. At least, every carrier intends for those plans to stay in the US.

Sprint and T-Mobile do let you trot the globe all you want, but often with limited speeds. Verizon is gracious enough to allow its customers use of their domestic plan overseas for a flat day fee.

And soon, AT&T will let its customers do the same for $10 a day with its International Day Pass program. That means that customers traveling in over 100 countries can call, text and use the data in their monthly bucket for 24 hours for a Hamilton. Hey, at least you get local speeds.

Also note that it’s a privilege to use this Day Pass: if you spend more than half of your data allotment for two months in a row through the program, your access to this program may be revoked. And then you’ll be stuck with the same ‘ol per-megabyte roaming rates. Maybe get a local SIM if you’re out for more than a week or two, eh?

AT&T International Day Pass debuts January 27.

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