We’re coming up on two months now from the launch of the HTC One M8 for Windows, an overdue flagship-level WP handset from someone other than the Nokia/Microsoft juggernaut. And while we were very excited to see an Android phone we loved get the Windows Phone treatment, the release of the device left a bit to be desired, hitting the US as a carrier exclusive, bound to Verizon. But even with that restriction we had cause to be optimistic, as it became clear that Verizon’s exclusivity was a temporary launch thing, and that other carriers would pick up the phone for themselves in time: AT&T said “at a later date,” while T-Mobile talked of a release in time for the holiday season. We still don’t have an official date for when this phone will spread its wings beyond Verizon, but a new rumor suggests one possibility, looking for AT&T to start sales of the One M8 for Windows on November 7.

More than just marking the arrival of the WP One M8 for the carrier, November 7 is also the date when AT&T is expected to welcome the Lumia 830 to its lineup. That phone’s arrival had been previously confirmed, but like the One M8, no specific date had been available. Between the two of these guys, AT&T is shaping up to be one of the better places to pick up a Windows Phone model this holiday season.

This source doesn’t mention anything about possible pricing, but based on AT&T’s current price for the Android-running One M8, as well as what Verizon’s already charging for the WP version, $200 on contract is sounding pretty likely.

Source: WPCentral

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