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AT&T courts Android fans with free Google Play credit

By Stephen Schenck June 5, 2014, 5:12 pm

What’s the most important thing you consider when choosing a mobile carrier? Selection of device? Well, unless you’re bringing your own, it’s sure something you’d better look at. Scope of coverage? Sure, more than just making sure you can get the fastest speeds, you’ll want to check that there’s coverage where you live in the first place. And we can’t forget rates; you don’t want to be paying more than you have to. But let’s say you’ve already covered those important topics and are still undecided about which network to go with. What then? AT&T’s got a new carrot on a stick it’s swinging out for Android users to see, offering a $50 Google Play credit with the purchase of a new device.

And no, before you even ask: you can’t just pick up some cheap GoPhone for this offer – it’s with a new two-year contract (or AT&T Next) only. But even then, it sounds like a pretty decent offer, especially if you were leaning towards AT&T in the first place. The carrier’s the only place around to get the new Galaxy S5 Active, not to mention the ASUS PadFone X. With the PadFone, we were already taken with just how great a value it is, giving you a phone and tablet dock for just $200 on-contract, and an extra $50 worth of freebies only serves to sweeten the deal.

AT&T’s promo has a little under two weeks left in it, and runs through June 17.

Source: AT&T
Via: Android Central

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