AT&T will give its Galaxy S7 buyers a free 48-inch Smart TV with DirecTV service

Did all those BOGO deals on possibly the best smartphones in the world feel a little too sweet to last? Well, AT&T has just stopped giving away the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in packs of two, although an equally attractive promotion enters the equation today.

Yes, today, April 1, but America’s second largest wireless carrier promises it’s not a prank. If it is, it’s a pretty crappy one, since the strings attached and fine print make the offer truly advantageous only for existing DirecTV subscribers.

Folks who’ve ditched traditional cable television providers for Ma Bell’s ultimate Dish challenger should be ecstatic to hear they merely need to purchase an S7 or S7 Edge on a Next payment plan, and add AT&T wireless service to their account.

That gives them eligibility for a free Full HD Samsung LED J5200 Series Smart TV with a 48-inch diagonal, typically sold by its manufacturer at a cool $480 or so.

You also obviously qualify for the massive freebie if you’re a new adherent to both AT&T and DirecTV, or are looking to upgrade on the former, and sign up to the latter for the first time. Unfortunately, upgrading an existing AT&T line will render you ineligible for the deal unless you’re a new DirecTV subscriber.

Fairly convoluted arrangement, we know, but at the end of the day, the large-screen TV could be worth jumping through some hoops if you’re in the market for a phenomenal Android phone and cable supplier alternative.

Source: AT&T Newsroom

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