A new season is nearly upon us, and that means spring cleaning: out with the old, in with the new. Fresh off the announcements of both CES and MWC, for a lot of smartphone users that means it’s time to pick up a new handset, and this year they’ve got some very attractive options. Earlier this week, we talked about the idea of carriers enticing shoppers looking for a new flagship-class phone with buy-one-get-one deals, as a leak suggested T-Mobile may be about to announce such a deal. We’re still waiting to see if anything comes of that, but in the meantime we’ve got confirmed word of a GS7 BOGO offer from another carrier, with AT&T explaining how customers can score themselves a free Galaxy S7.

AT&T’s offer is similar to the leaked T-Mobile promo, with a few important restrictions, the main one being that this will get you a free Galaxy S7 only – no GS7 edge.

Buy either a GS7 or GS7 edge on the AT&T Next installment plan, as well as a second GS7 on the same installment program, and the carrier will credit your account over the next 30 months to offset the payments for that second handset. While you are free to make that second phone a GS7 edge, those credits will only cover the cost of a regular GS7 (about $700 total), leaving you on the hook for the $100 price difference between the two models.

And don’t worry if you already ordered your GS7 from AT&T – you’re still eligible to grab a second phone and take advantage of this deal.

Source: AT&T

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