AT&T announces first three cities set for mobile 5G deployments this year

Roughly six weeks after vaguely announcing a “dozen” of unnamed markets would be getting true mobile 5G service by “late 2018”, AT&T is today elaborating (a little) on its “aggressive” next-gen network rollout schedule.

While a number of US cities with 5G speeds on the way this year are yet to be revealed, we now know “parts of” Dallas, Atlanta and Waco, Texas will be included in AT&T’s first phase of groundbreaking technology deployment.

The country’s second-largest cellular company predictably insists on reminding us it’s the first and only US carrier with public plans to deliver “standards-based, mobile 5G” in 2018, looking to ensure customers can actually use and “enjoy” the network at launch… somehow.

Of course, the problem with that is devices powered by 5G modems like Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X50 are only expected to see daylight next year, although AT&T says “more 5G capable mobile devices and smartphones” will be added to its lineup in “early 2019 and beyond.” Maybe Ma Bell knows something we don’t, and the operator’s subscribers in Dallas, Atlanta and Waco will also be able to buy handsets with super-speedy cellular chips by the end of this year.

Keep in mind mobile 5G breakthroughs are as much about low latency as improved “theoretical peak speeds of multiple gigabits per second”, with AT&T currently dominated by T-Mobile across the board, and global 4G LTE rates reported as stagnant of late.

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