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AT&T finally boots up Cricket HD Voice

By Jules Wang May 5, 2017, 1:19 pm

AT&T acquired Leap Wireless in 2014 and, with it, prepaid carrier Cricket Wireless. But Ma Bell couldn’t just take the two networks and merge them together without some growing pains — each had unique spectrum, devices, backhaul and other infrastructure.

It’s taken three whole years for Cricket customers to pick up a feature that the major carriers have had for years now, but at least they now have Cricket HD Voice or, more simply, Voice over LTE. Yep, users can finally use the internet as needed while taking a call and garner all the benefits of digital pickup and throughput.

As long as users are on Cricket’s LTE network or a compatible LTE roaming partner, HD Voice is available. Current eligible devices are the Alcatel Idol 4, LG Escape 3, Samsung Galaxy Sol 2 and ZTE Grand X 4.

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