You probably already know when you need to set your alarm clocks, right? Before 3:01am Eastern on September 15. But if AT&T is your point of purchase for an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, the retailer has its own quirks you’ll need to know about — perhaps they’ll be enough to get you to switch networks.

Let’s talk financing first: AT&T Every Year offers customers an upgrade opportunity if the device is 50 percent paid down on a 24-month term. If that’s not your jam, Ma Bell is the sole carrier of the nation’s big four to offer 30-month terms for financing through AT&T Next. As such, even though customers will be stuck with payments for longer, they are just a bit more tolerable. And with one retail price spilling into four digits, it’s more of a relief than ever.

Furthermore — and here’s the biggie — if you buy two new iPhones on AT&T Next, you can get one of them for free if you open a new line (or two lines if you’re a new customer) and subscribe to “eligible DIRECTV service,” though it isn’t clear if DIRECTV NOW is included in that category. The monthly credits will roll in as long as you maintain those lines. Other phones, like the iPhone 7, Galaxy S8 and so on, will also be eligible for this BOGO deal.

Even if you buy just one iPhone with Next, you can still get a 32GB iPad for just $99.99 and maintain tablet data service on the device.

So, with that prelude out of the way, here’s the chart we’re looking for. Note that there’s no down payment required for customers with good credit.

Devices Full retail price AT&T Next monthly payments
Every Year monthly payments
​iPhone 7 32GB ​$549.99 ​$18.34 ​$22.92
​iPhone 7 Plus 32GB ​$669.99 ​$22.34 ​$27.92
iPhone 8 64GB $699.99 $23.34 $29.17
iPhone 8 256GB $849.99 $28.34 $35.42
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB $799.99 $26.67 $33.34
iPhone 8 Plus 256GB $949.99 $31.67 $39.59
iPhone X 64GB $999.99 $33.34 $41.67
iPhone X 256GB $1,149.99 $38.34 $47.92

AT&T will likely finance the cellular versions of the Apple Watch Series 3 over a 20-month term as it does for current smartwatches in its roster, like the Gear S3 Frontier LTE. As with other carriers, a service plan for the watch is $10 per month, but you’ll get 3 months free.

Device Full retail price
Monthly payments (est.)
Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular (38mm) $399 $19.95
Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular (42mm) $429 $21.45


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