AT&T Claims Fastest Mobile Broadband “By a Wide Margin”

Just last week we heard news that AT&T has upgraded 80% of its network to the new HSPA+ technology then today we saw the first Verizon 4G LTE ad claiming the world’s most advanced 4G network.

Then, AT&T came forward with a bold statement claiming “Nation’s fastest mobile broadband network by wide margin” due mainly to investments of $6 billion in wireless-related initiatives over the first three quarters of 2010. AT&T quotes Global Wireless Solutions Inc.’s findings — a testing firm that claims to assess networks covering 950,000 road miles and about 88% of the U.S. population — which reveal that AT&T is 20% faster than its nearest competitor and 60% faster than its largest competitor by subscriber count, all numbers expressed in national averages.

To simplify the comparison, the carrier states that “AT&T customers could download an MP3 album (40 megabytes) more than a minute faster with AT&T than the next-fastest wireless network. An 80-megabyte video file would download about 2 minutes faster on average with AT&T as opposed to the next-fastest network. The same video file would take more than 5 minutes longer to download on average with AT&T’s largest competitor’s network”. Whether these numbers actually mean anything to you in the field is another thing while, remember, these are all national averages and you may fall below or above the expressed figures — as this is how averages are obtained. Where do you stand? Above or below average?

Source: AT&T

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