BlackBerry fans in the US, are you ready to finally get your shot at the Z10? Last week we heard some new rumors about how the phone would launch on AT&T, as well as got confirmation of how T-Mobile would kick-off business sales. Now AT&T is following up with a confirmation, announcing the start of pre-sales and divulging just when the Z10 will finally reach customers’ hands.

Just as rumored, AT&T will first make the BlackBerry Z10 available on March 22. If you don’t want to leave anything up to chance, pre-orders for the smartphone will begin tomorrow, March 12.

Pricing is pretty run-of-the-mill for a smartphone of this caliber, going for just under $200 with a two year contract. Unlike with T-Mobile, there’s no head-start for corporate orders at AT&T; everyone, including individuals, gets access to the Z10 on March 22.

We had already speculated that T-Mobile might open up wider sales of the Z10 sometime that same week, and now the pressure’s going to be on to make sure that AT&T isn’t able to get its hands on the Z10 first and run with it.

Source: AT&T

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