AT&T deeply discounts Fitbit Blaze, Surge and Charge 2 wearables in select colors and sizes

A mobile network operator isn’t exactly the go-to place for purchases of wearable devices lacking standalone cellular connectivity, but AT&T has a few tricks up its sleeve right now to draw the fitness-focused crowds.

No longer the market’s global leader by volumes, and reportedly stumped in the (not so) secret development of its first full-blown smartwatch, Fitbit was probably forced to green-light several recent third-party deals to keep sales numbers at acceptable levels.

The latest headline-grabbing promotion sees the Surge “fitness super watch”, Blaze “smart fitness watch” and Charge 2 “wireless heart rate + activity wristband” discounted to $124.50, $99.50 and $74.50 respectively.

The “big” catch is you’ll only find the Fitbit Blaze and Surge at the aforementioned ultra-low prices on AT&T’s official website, likely for a limited time and/or in tight supply. Also, you need to settle for certain colors and sizes to get the massive markdowns. The Fitbit Charge 2 HR bargain is restricted to the blue, small version, your single Benjamin buys a blue Blaze for S or L wrists, while the online Surge instant rebate is valid for a love-or-hate large tangerine model.

These are by far the lowest prices the three smart wearables have ever sold for, mind you, and whatever your choice, (fairly) reliable heart rate monitoring is guaranteed, alongside both Android and iOS compatibility. Not to mention all-day activity and automatic sleep tracking.

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