AT&T and Verizon raise fees, again

One carrier is making it harder to stay on, the other is making it harder to let go. Either way, if you’re an applicable customer, you’re paying more.

In the case of AT&T, the company is topping the rate of its grandfathered unlimited data plan (not associated with the offering tied-in with signing up for DirecTV or U-verse cable TV) by another $5 starting with customers’ March bills. The company will waive early termination fees for customers that decide to switch away from the Death Star within 60 days of the price hike.

The network will continue to throttle unlimited data users speeds after 22GB, based on tower traffic.

Turning to the Checkmark, you’ll find an “upgrade” in Verizon’s upgrade fees.

Last year, it introduced an upgrade fee, one that extended to iPhones on Verizon even paid through Apple’s Upgrade Program. This year, the fee itself has gone up from $20 to $30. Droid Life also reports that existing customers cannot opt to renew two-year contracts, something that new customers couldn’t do for a long time now.

Another tidbit? Verizon internally set 200GB as an “extraordinary” amount of data usage for those on its deprecated unlimited data plan.

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