Testing of LTE Licensed Assisted Access (or LTE-LAA) is underway with AT&T conducting work in San Francisco and T-Mobile in Los Angeles. LTE-LAA is a carrier aggregation technology that mates streams from licensed (owned) and unlicensed (free-to-use) spectrum.

AT&T recorded a 650Mbps maximum downlink. It’s hoping to combine LTE-LAA into its 5G Evolution network (more like 4.5G) in the near future.

T-Mobile disclosed that it was able to pull together 80MHz of spectrum to deliver 741Mbps download speeds. The Un-carrier is rolling out its LTE-U towers in Bellvue, Washington; Brooklyn; Dearborn, Michigan; Las Vegas; Richardson, Texas; and Simi Valley, California, with other cities soon to light up. As predicated by the FCC, that spectrum lines up against the upper Wi-Fi band range within 5GHz territory.

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