AT&T has partnered with Amazon Web Services to introduce the LTE-M Button, a physical button that can commit actions as programmed through AWS Lambda 1-Click functions with the instructions communicated through low-power LTE — especially ideal for areas without a local network.

Some example functions could include instant customer feedback podiums, send specific text messages to certain groups of people or something like an Amazon Dash Button to re-order products. Theoretically (thus not being endorsed by AT&T or Amazon), one could integrate the button into other hardware and send data to outside clients about what that hardware is doing — perhaps a vending machine supply beacon — but most of the on-board software is already fit for plug-and-play.

The circular button itself is 84mm wide, 25mm tall and can officially support actions through single, double and long presses. There’s an RGB LED indicator, though users can’t assign different colors for different apps. The housing is rated IP66 for dust and water protection and runs on two lithium AA batteries. It’s covered for a year by a manufacturer warranty and is expected to last a lifetime of three years or 1,500 clicks, whichever comes first.

AT&T is selling the buttons to US customers only for the initial price of $29.99. After 5,000 units have been sold, the price goes up to $34.99. Custom logos can be printed onto the button. Cellular service is included in the price. Click the source link to buy one for yourself and tinker around.

If you want friendlier buttons to push from Amazon, try Echo Buttons.

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