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Some customers getting 200Mbps or more on AT&T 5G millimeter wave network

By Jules Wang February 12, 2019, 7:45 pm

When AT&T printed its press release on how its millimeter wave 5G network was able to deliver a field downlink trial result of 1.5Gbps, the carrier had to make it clear that that kind of speed isn’t going to be seen by most customers.

In fact, in another press release today celebrating the network’s first 53 days online, AT&T said it found:

…some of our early customers using 5G delivered over millimeter wave spectrum, which we call 5G+, have experience speeds in the range of 200-300 megabits per second – and even as high as 400 megabits per second.*

However, that asterisk led to a disclaimer saying that those cherry-picked readings did not represent average recorded speeds by users. Still, even at those levels, we’ve got some ways to go for everyone to get to the Gigabit LTE dream that telecommunications players like Qualcomm have been talking about.

The good news out of all this? The carrier believes with optimizations to its build-out process that it will be able to put 5G into the Chicago and Minneapolis markets within this year. They will join seven other cities for installation in 2019 and the 12 original launch markets.

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