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AT&T will have 5G iPhones in 2020, but the process will be slow

By Samuel Martinez November 14, 2018, 11:59 am

Recent reports tell us that we will get 5G enabled iPhones in 2020 and that Intel will start testing its new 5G modems next year. That sounds very exciting for Apple fans, but now AT&T’s CFO has made a warning at a conference in Barcelona.

Reuter reports that AT&T has plans to give 5G services to its customers but that it is going to take years before 5G devices predominate the market. This information given by CFO John Stephens gives us a little dose of reality. The second largest network in the US reports that only 5% of its users are getting new smartphones each quarter so 5G smartphones will take a while to be used by most of its clients. 5G enabled smartphones will start arriving to the market next year, or at least that’s what we can expect from some important companies.

All US major carriers are working to support 5G before these arrive, Verizon claims to have begun last month, AT&T is making us wait for this announcement any day now for a dozen cities and Sprint is already planning its rollout on six. T-Mobile calls a bluff on what other companies are doing while it’s still getting ready to launch nationwide. Either way, iPhones will get Intel’s 5G modems. Now we only hope they have better speeds than their current modems when compared to other devices.

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