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AT&T 5G announcement: Fast Airport Internet, Better AR and Cloud Gaming

By Roland Udvarlaki July 15, 2021, 10:30 am
AT&T future of 5G announcement

AT&T announced a number of new and ongoing partnerships with some big brands and sports teams to use 5G in a more meaningful way. The recent changes will have some pretty significant effects, depending on which of these are the most important to you.

AT&T spent over £23 billion back in February to improve and build out its 5G network. The carrier said it’d begin deploying 40MHz of its new 80MHz spectrum later this year, as soon as its new C-band becomes officially available (via Gizmodo). The new 5G C-band will cover anywhere from 70 to 75 million Americans by the end of 2022, and the currently existing standard sub 6GHz 5G network cover more than 250 million people in the US. The 5G+ (mmWave) is only available in 38 cities and 20 stadiums and venues across the country.

In a press release yesterday, AT&T has announced several new partnerships that aim to improve the service and bring 5G closer to its customers. The partnerships include arenas and sports franchises like Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat. Having such big names allows AT&T to provide better wireless service when its customers are attending the events.

The announcements also included showing off some 5G-powered demos, such as the Space Jam AR experience where characters like Bug Bunny and Daffy Duck can be placed down in interactive ways. The demo also included a few other characters.

The improved 5G coverage will help AT&T provide better game streaming with Google Stadia. Boingo will also help deliver improved wireless speeds to airports, military bases, and several stadiums across the nation. Having more bandwidth at lower latencies will enable AT&T to give more perks and more enhanced service to its customers, resulting in a better experience and faster speeds where it is needed and used the most.

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