Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about our Samsung ATIV S review along with some specifics on why this phone is so hot. Then it’s more $99 Nexus 7 talk, even though the price tag has grown a bit to $130 or $150. Then Samsung returns to the news, this time because they’ve just confirmed that they will be offering their Windows Phone legacy customers the 7.8 upgrade. Apple then shows us how they don’t care about start-ups by the results of a recent story regarding the POP charger for iOS devices. We end today’s show by talking about LG and how their advertisement is ridiculous in a time where what they’re trying to sell you is no where to be found, and yes, we mean the Nexus 4.

All this and more after the break.

Samsung ATIV S Review
Instead Of $99 Nexus 7, New Rumors Look To $129-149 Tablet 
Samsung Confirms Windows Phone 7.8 Updates For All WP7.5 Handsets
Apple’s Refusal To Grant Approval Kills Innovative Charger Project 
LG’s Barking Up The Wrong Tree With Its New Nexus 4 Promo

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