At $720, Sprint has a sleeper iPhone X deal for individual customers

While the BOGO wars keep on slamming at T-Mobile and Verizon, Sprint has been very quiet on its part. But if you want just one new iPhone X with some incentive and less a second phone, you’ll want to consider the network’s offer.

For those joining the network or adding a new line, it is taking $280 off the price of the iPhone X through its Sprint Flex lease program. The 64GB device costs $30 a month on the 18-month term, though, really, the pay-to-own price happens with six more monthly payments or a lump sum equivalent. That ultimately means that customers will pay $720 on the phone, whose MSRP still stands at $999.

The 256GB version is also getting discounted by the same amount, though there’s a $150 down payment to cover the gap. Still, that’s $890 for a whopper of a phone.

The Sprint Flex program also allows users to stop putting down on the lease and upgrade to another iPhone free of charge after 12 payments.

And while Sprint has been upgrading its network, the iPhone X isn’t exactly equipped to take advantage of all of those improvements — coverage and quality will vary by the mile.

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